Free Quote Forms for Contractors

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Are you looking for a contractor quote form that you can use to submit pricing information to a potential customer? It doesn't make sense to start from a blank page every time you need to submit pricing for a new project; instead easy-to-use printable quote forms that you can download, customize, save and edit are perfect for your own purposes.

Printable Quote Form

The following are two quote form versions that you can download and use at no cost. If you need help downloading the forms, check out these helpful tips.

Clicking on the forms will open a prompt for you to download these forms before you open them - this is necessary to ensure the functionality of the forms themselves. Once you have downloaded, return to the folder where you stored them and open them up to begin customizing them for your own personal use.

Choosing the Best Form

The information required to complete each form is the same, but the general layout is different. One form is set up in portrait orientation, also known as vertical, and the other is set up for landscape printing, also known as horizontal. Select the version that is most appropriate for the type of information you need to provide with the quote you are preparing.

  • The landscape orientation form has more space on each line for item descriptions than the portrait version. It is most appropriate for work that involves quite a bit of descriptive text for items included in the quote.
Contractor Quote Form - Landscape Orientation
Contractor quote form - landscape orientation
  • The portrait orientation form has less space for item descriptions, but provides room for more individual items on the page. This version is best for projects that involve numerous line-item entries.
Contractor Quote Form - Portrait Orientation
Dowload contractor quote form - portrait orientation

Customize the Form for Your Company

Once you have downloaded and opened the form:

  1. Give the document a logical file name, such as Quote-Form-Template.pdf.
  2. Add your company's logo to the form via the "Click here to insert logo" section of the form.
  3. Click in the footer to access the address line. Change the generic text to your company's information.
  4. Click the diskette icon to save the changes you have made.

Preparing a Quote to Submit

Once you have created a template that includes your company's logo and address details, you will be able to use the saved version of the document to prepare individual quotes for specific jobs.

  1. Open the quote form template that you saved.
  2. Use your mouse keyboard to enter specifics for the particular job you are bidding on.
  3. Proof the quote carefully, ensuring that all necessary information is included and that it is accurate.
  4. Save the quote by going to the File menu and choosing Save As, being sure to keep the PDF format and give the document a unique file name that is descriptive of the client and/or project.
  5. Use the printer icon in the top menu bar to send the finished document to your printer (or go to the File menu and select print).
  6. Proofread again before signing the printed version, keeping in mind that you will be legally obligated to honor the information provided on the form if your quote is accepted by the customer.
  7. Sign the quote.
  8. Submit to your customer.

Note: If you need to add additional lines for item descriptions, click the plus sign located at the end of a row. The new row will be placed in the form immediately below the row where you click the plus sign. If you would like to remove rows from the form, simply click the minus sign at the end of the row that you want to remove.

Protect Yourself

It is a good idea to have an attorney take a look at the quote form prior to putting it to use to make sure everything on the form is in order and that it complies with all regulations specific to your state as well as any special requirements that may apply to your industry.

Contractors should always keep a copy of quotes they present to potential customers. This can prevent disputes as to what quote was given and what terms were agreed upon, because the contractor has a copy of the original quote.

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