How to Create the Best Employee of the Month Certificate (With Templates)

Published December 13, 2021
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If your company has or is thinking about starting an employee of the month program, it's important to consider what tangible items will be given to the team member who is recognized each month. It's definitely a good idea to present employees who earn this type of recognition with a nice certificate that they can put in their portfolio or a frame. A copy should also be placed in their personnel file. Use the employee of the month templates provided here as a starting point.

Printable Employee of the Month Certificate Templates

The certificates below are available in both Word and PDF files that you can download, edit, and save. Each is different, highlighting various wording and design options. Simply click the image of the version you prefer to open the file. Save it to your hard drive and edit as desired to create a customized employee of the month certificate that meets your organization's needs. To use the Word versions, you'll need to have a Microsoft Word license. The PDF files should work on any machine, regardless of what word processing software you use. If you need assistance with the PDF versions, see this guide to printables.

Employee of the Month Template for Certificate Paper

If you're planning to print your employee of the month certificates on paper that already has a border, use this version. It has no border, and the margins are set so that it will print properly on standard, pre-formatted certificate paper available from any office supply store.

Basic Employee of the Month Certificate With Border

If you'd rather print your employee of the month certificates on blank paper, opt for a template that includes a border. This basic template has a border built-in. It's a basic design, so you can print it using a standard laser or inkjet printer. You can add clip art or other images to dress it up if you'd like.

Superstar Employee of the Month Certificate

If you like the idea of reminding your best employees that they're superstars, consider using this star-themed version that refers to the individual being recognized as the superstar of the month, which is a variation of an employee of the month program. This certificate features an array of gold stars to denote a job well done.

Employee of the Month Certificate With an Elegant Gold Border

This simple yet elegant template uses the wording "certificate of achievement" in addition to "employee of the month," and the template is punctuated by a gold border that results in a polished and professional certificate any recipient would be thrilled to frame and display on their office wall.

Maximize Employee Recognition

Providing certificates to team members who are recognized as employees of the month is an important aspect of this type of workplace program. Print the certificates on high-quality paper and present them in staff meetings so the recipients are recognized in front of their peers. Consider framing the printed certificates, so employees who earn this honor can easily and proudly display their awards in their work areas. You just might be surprised by how much the simple act of recognizing employees who exhibit outstanding performance in this way can positively impact motivation and employee engagement.

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How to Create the Best Employee of the Month Certificate (With Templates)