Incident Report Templates

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Incident reports are commonly used to document various types of workplace incidents, such as injuries, property damage, illnesses, theft, accidents and more. They are often completed by managers, but are sometimes filled out by employees who are involved in or witness incidents.

Incident Report Template

You can use the document below to document incidents that take place in your organization.

Downloading the Form

To download a PDF version of the printable, click on the image. A separate window containing document will appear. Refer to this document for assistance if you have trouble downloading the template.

Printable Incident Report Template
Printable Incident Report Template

Using the Form

  • If you wish to fill out the form manually, simply print a blank copy.
  • You can complete the form on your computer by selecting each section and typing contents directly into the document.
  • Upon completion, you can send the populated form to your printer.
  • Right click on the document or type CTRL+S to save a copy of the printable.

Other Options

If this template doesn't meet your needs, there are some other options available online that you may want to consider.

  • Rocket Lawyer offers a customizable Work Injury Report that can be completed by entering your state of residence and answering a series of questions regarding the incident. Select your state of residence from the drop-down menu and click the Make Document icon to get started.
  • also offers a customizable Employee Incident Report template that can be accessed free of charge when you sign up for a Free SeamlessDocs Account. Simply click the Use Template button, enter your email address and select the Sign Up icon to be forwarded to the template.
  • If the situation you are dealing with is one that requires Occupational Safety & Health Administration (OSHA) documentation, download and use Form 301, also known as the Injury and Illness Report, to capture the required information. You can complete the form directly on you computer by clicking on each field and typing in your responses if you have a PDF form editor. Otherwise, you will need to print the form and complete it by hand.

Capture and Keep Sensitive Information

When completing the incident report form, be sure to fill out each section in its entirety as soon as possible (preferably within 12 hours of the incident) to ensure you document the details in the most accurate and thorough manner possible. That way, you won't be forced to jog your memory when questions arise down the road.

In most instances, completed incident reports are kept on file in the human resources or safety department and are used to determine appropriate follow-up actions. They are often used as a point of reference for internal investigations or to respond to third party requests. Do not store incident reorts in personnel files since they may contain medical information and other sensitive data.

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Incident Report Templates