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OpenOffice business card templates
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Preparing attractive business cards to print can be both free and simple when you use an electronic template designed to work with OpenOffice software. Choose one of the attractive template designs here and you'll have cards ready to print in no time at all.

Four Business Card Templates for OpenOffice

The four templates below are designed to be used with OpenOffice software.


To create your new business cards:

  1. Click the template of your choice to launch the template document. Note that this will work only if you have OpenOffice installed on your computer.
  2. Do not close the dialog box near the top of the screen that has a "synchronize labels" button.
  3. Fill in fields for the first card, then click the "synchronize labels" button to populate all of the data fields.
  4. You can change the font and rearrange the placement of items in the card template by editing the first card, then clicking the "synchronize labels" button.
  5. Proofread carefully before printing.
  6. Remember to save the file for future use.

Note: When you first open the file, you may get a dialog box instructing you to "update all links". Whether you click "yes" or "no", this will not affect your ability to use the business card template.

Two Templates with Logos

If you have a company logo, use one of these designs. Tips to keep in mind if you use one of the logo designs:

  • You will need to add the logo to each business card, as the synchronize function does not work with this type of graphic element.
  • The logo needs to have wrap properties set "wrap through" to ensure correct logo placement.

Two Templates without Logos

If your company does not have a logo or if would simply rather create cards that do not include your logo, select one of the following designs.

Easy Solution for Business Card Layout

Using one of these templates is a great way to make fast work of creating business cards with your computer. Whether you print your new card design on perforated card stock using your own printer or if you get professionally printed business cards, you're sure to be happy with the new design.

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