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Infant CPR is a great topic for parents and caregivers.

Are you looking for topics for a safety meeting? Whether the meeting is for a company, school, family, or community, there are many appropriate topics of discussion. Each agenda item should be carefully chosen and the meeting carefully planned to meet the needs of the attendees.

Choosing a Safety Topic

Subject matter for safety meetings can vary widely depending on the organization presenting the meeting, the time of year, the intended audience, and even the location of the meeting. Consider the following factors when choosing a topic:

  • Relevance: The topic should be immediately relevant to your life. A meeting about winter driving safety, for example, is perfect for northern climates but may be useless for southern communities that do not experience harsh winter weather. Furthermore, a driving tips safety lecture would not be relevant to elementary school students who are years away from driving.
  • Timely: Topics that are timely will have the best response. It makes sense to offer a fireworks safety tips lecture in early summer when many people will be planning Fourth of July celebrations, but the same meeting will not be well attended if it is offered in October.
  • Usefulness: While there are many safety issues that could be presented to different groups, the most informative meetings will be ones that focus on useful topics. Nuclear safety is certainly an important topic, but it is not particularly beneficial in a community thousands of miles from any nuclear reactor or waste disposal site.

Ideas for Free Safety Meeting Topics

Popular topics for community and professional safety meetings include the following:

  • Home fire safety: Fire hazards, establishing a family escape plan, how to prevent fires, using a fire extinguisher
  • First aid: The Heimlich maneuver, tending small wounds, emergency response techniques, dialing 9-1-1, CPR
  • Baby-proofing: Home safety techniques and products for new parents, common infant hazards
  • Seasonal tips: Winter safety tips, summer swimming pool dangers, dealing with seasonal hazards
  • Geographical topics: Hurricane safety tips for coastal communities, earthquake safety precautions for danger zones
  • Internet safety: Computer safety tips, computer viruses, Internet safety for kids, parent control devices
  • Food Safety: Proper food safety preparation and storage tips, poison control phone number, healthy diet tips
  • School safety: Bullying, school buses, stranger danger, playground hazards, tips for parents and students
  • Workplace safety: Common job hazards, proper safety procedures at the workplace
  • Electrical safety: Proper wiring techniques, downed power lines, electrical shock treatment, electrical safety tips at home

Tips for an Informative Meeting

The best safety meetings will be include more than just a lecture. Tips for an informative and useful meeting include the following:

  • Handouts: Provide tip sheets for participants can be taken home to serve as a reminder for different safety techniques, common hazards, or other useful information. If the meeting is suitable for children, safety coloring sheets or games are also appropriate.
  • Expert speakers: Finding an expert speaker to lead the meeting will make it more appealing and more authoritative. A volunteer firefighter, for example, could give home fire safety tips, or an emergency medical technician could lead a meeting on first aid techniques.
  • Interactive: Keep the meeting interactive by asking or answering questions, arranging hands-on practice, or passing around appropriate objects for participants to examine. Longer meetings may even include simulations or demonstrations.
  • Advertise: If you are holding a public meeting, get the word out by taking advantage of all available advertising techniques. Post notices on bulletin boards in recreation centers, libraries, schools, grocery stores, and other public areas, and contact the local daily and weekly newspapers about free or low cost advertisements or announcements.
  • Space: Hold the meeting in a large enough space to accommodate all attendees without crowding. Offer plenty of seating, proper audio visual equipment, and tables for handouts or other materials if necessary.

Share Important Information in a Safety Meeting

When planning a meeting, always choose an appropriate topic for your audience and situation. Arranging a useful meeting makes it is easy to share critical safety information within your company or the community.

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