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Using safety videos in staff meetings and training sessions can be a great way to illustrate and reinforce key points that employees need to remember. Purchasing videos, however, can become expensive very quickly. While it may not be possible to find no-cost options for all of your training needs, there are some free sources for safety videos that you may find to be helpful.

Department of Labor YouTube Channel

The United States Department of Labor (DOL) has a YouTube channel featuring free videos on a variety of topics, including some that are safety-related and specific to Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) requirements. Since government publications are in the public domain, you are free to use any videos provided by this source in your training programs.

A few examples of videos that are available from DOL channel include the following options:

Llewelyn Technology

Llewelyn Technology produces the Workplace Safety Show video series, in which company executives discuss timely safety-related issues. You can watch the latest episodes at the New Safety Show Episodes page on the company's website. You can also watch previous episodes via the Llewelyn Technology YouTube channel. Past shows include topics like Workplace Safety Trumps the Bottom Line and Removal of Arc Flash Hazards.

National Safety Compliance

National Safety Compliance offers a variety of helpful videos via its YouTube Channel, which is the oshasafetytraining channel. While specific subject matter selections like Hazard Communication and Slips, Trips and Falls are preview only, a complete Introduction to OSHA video is available. It provides basic information about OSHA, including standards, record-keeping, enforcement and more.

Engaging Training Resources

Incorporating videos into your workplace safety training efforts can be a great way to engage your employees via the use of multimedia. However, plopping your employees down in front of a computer monitor or video screen to watch a video certainly isn't sufficient. To use videos effectively - particularly brief no-cost versions - it's critical to supplement them with information about company policies, interactive discussions, scenarios, and question-and-answer sessions. Remember that the key to laying the groundwork for employees to take safety seriously is for them to see a commitment to safety from the company - and this starts with providing ongoing, effective training on this important topic.

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Free Workplace Safety Videos