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Safety is no laughing matter, but funny safety pictures can offer good advice in a humorous way.

One of the most important ways to stay safe is to always use dangerous equipment properly. Whether it is in the kitchen, garage, bathroom or anywhere else, trying to use appliances, tools or other equipment in improper ways can create an unsafe situation.


And you laughed when your spouse called him a little stinker!

Whenever you're dealing with bodily fluids, such as blood, vomit, urine, feces, etc., always take proper precautions to prevent infection from pathogens. Many workplaces will have guidelines in place for these situations, but stay sanitary at home as well.

Safety Equipment

Say, how do you turn this thing on?

If you're using any tools, be sure to wear the proper safety equipment including gloves, goggles, a hard hat and whatever else may be required. Even if you are skilled with the tool, it only takes a moment for an unsafe situation to occur and the proper equipment can protect you.

Wildlife Warnings

You wouldn't want someone coming into your home uninvited, would you?

It can be fun to be a part of nature, but always watch for any wildlife warnings for dangerous animals. At the same time, watch for closed trails, dangerous weather and other unsafe situations that may cause problems.

Water Safety

It doesn't matter how well you can dog paddle; always wear a life jacket when boating.

Uncertain swimmers should also wear proper safety equipment even in shallow water. Obey all lifeguard warnings and posted signs, whether you are enjoying a day at the beach, pool or water park.

Take Your Time

If you're faced with a confusing situation that might present a safety hazard, always slow down so you can be careful with every turn you make. Reading instructions, obeying warning signs and asking for help can also be useful if you're not sure how to proceed.

Ask for Help

If you find yourself hanging on by a thread, ask for help before taking risks.

What might seem easy or fun at first can quickly turn unsafe, and having someone help you out can prevent accidents from happening.

Identity Safety

Don't let your money identify with someone else.

Protect your identity by keeping your personal information safe and secure. Do not carry your Social Security card, passport, birth certificate or other vital documents with you unless they are necessary; keep them locked away in a safe place. Similarly, choose strong computer passwords and take other steps to protect yourself from online identity theft.

Financial Safety

Ever wish you had a watchdog for your wallet? Guard your money closely by choosing safe investments and creating a personal budget that works with your income and helps pay down your debts.

Unusual Warnings

While you may expect to see some warning signs only if you're around the zoo, it helps to pay attention to them all. Some warning signs may seem funnier than others, but don't joke around with safety, especially when driving. You never know what obstacles you may find in the road, and an alert driver is a safe one.

Dangerous Animals

Ignoring animal warning signs is a surefire way to "fowl" up any outing.

You never know what animals may turn out to be dangerous; always pay attention to any animal warning signs. Whether the signs refer to a pet, zoo animals or guard animals, it is always safe to heed their warnings.

Electrical Safety

Want to learn the meaning of a truly bad hair day?

Comics and funny pictures make it seem as if electrocution can be humorous, but there's nothing funny about poor electrical safety. If you are faced with an electrical hazard, contact a qualified professional immediately to correct the problem.

Teaching Tools

Stop clowning around; funny safety pictures can be a great teaching tool to introduce young children to proper safety. From funny actors to comic strips, using humor will help show students that safety can be fun.


If you don't follow proper safety, you could be in for a rough brake.

While it may seem time consuming or inconvenient to stay safe even in everyday situations, taking a few moments to ensure safety is better than the potential consequences of unsafe behavior, such as injury, fines and other results.

Animal Crossing

And you thought rodents were only hazardous to nuts!

Even small animals can cause big problems on roads and highways; always pay attention to animal crossing signs, no matter how small the animal may be.

Beware of Dog

Stronger than painted hardwood, able to jump tall gates in a single leap...

If you see a "Beware of Dog" sign anywhere on a property, be on your guard. Leashes and fences can help control an animal, but it might not stop them from getting to what they desire.

Bicycle Safety

Have a good trip! See you next fall!

Pot holes, divots and ditches are all fairly easy for cars to navigate, but a bike may not have the same luck. If you bike frequently, pay attention - particularly on bike lanes - for hazards like this.

Falling Trees

Wreck the halls with falling pine trees. Fa, la, la, la, la, la, la, la, la!

Take care around Christmas trees, whether they are a store display or set up in your own living room. Most trees are set up in a relatively small stand for their size, which means they may tip if improperly set up.

Large Animal Safety

While you may want to grab life by the horns, you should always follow some basic safety rules around large animals, no matter how friendly they seem. Animals may not stop to think about your intentions before they react, so make sure you stop and think first instead.

Please Drive Carefully

We'd like to keep our heir, and our spare, too, while we're at it.

Neighborhoods full of kids may present challenges to drivers in a hurry. Take the time to slow down and drive carefully until you exit the neighborhood.

Scuba Diver Crossing

Some people brake for moose, others for scuba divers. Whatever may be crossing in your neck of the woods, make sure you slow down when you see a crossing sign to check for pedestrians.

Sports Safety

Hey mister, did you see where our ball went?

If you're around any kind of sports field, from baseball to golf, pay attention to stray projectiles to avoid taking a Marsha Brady-esque football to the face.

Watch Out for Holes

Gophers are notorious and industrious hole diggers. They'll mine an entire system of underground tunnels, complete with some escape hatches. Watch out not only for advertised holes, but for weak spots in the ground where a tunnel may break through with a misplaced foot.

Helmet Safety

While cats may have nine lives, you probably don't. Be aware of area helmet safety laws, and always wear a helmet when skating, boarding or biking.

Find the Safe Way

As they say in Maine, "You can't get there from here." Safety can be confusing at times, especially if you're confronted with unusual situations that you're not familiar with. Asking for help, slowing down to figure it out and always following proper safety procedures can keep you safe no matter what situation you find yourself in.

No matter how silly or stupid you think a safety sign is, remember that it's probably been put there for good reason. Have some fun, but remember to stay safe.

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