Funny Workplace Safety Pictures

Take a Step Back and Laugh

While you should always take safety seriously, you should never take yourself seriously. The truth is that being overly "on edge" about safety can actually contribute to safety issues. This photo can remind employees to stay vigilant while giving them a little chuckle over how absurd the statement is.

Fun with Chemicals

Sure: chemical safety is extremely important. That doesn't mean that you can't inject a little humor into your humility. The fact is that having someone stand around mixing chemicals who looks like a Bond villain is probably not the best idea. Just keep the doomsday machines locked up.

Is there Something in My Teeth?

The masks say disease. The looks say "why are you here?" With this picture, you imagine wandering into work sick as a dog, wondering if you should even be there. You look up and see a sea of faces staring at you like you're carrying some supervirus from the depths of the Brazilian rainforest. You turn around and get some rest at home. It's really that simple.

Call Tech Support

Any great, funny workplace safety photo should touch a little on outlandishness. Frustration on the job can end up being a pretty serious thing, but when you look at this it's hard to really take those computer frustrations (or yourself) very seriously.

Keep the Kids at Home

A lot of people like to bring their kids to work with them if they can. While it can be a great way to show your kid the ropes, you need to keep in mind that it's a place of business. This photo is great because you can almost hear the kid's voice explaining how none of it is his fault.

Slow it Down, Buddy

This is one of those photos that is funny because everyone can relate to it. Everyone has been in a position at least once where they have so much to do that they can't even start. The look on the chef's face seems like he's considering whether to go on or toss everything and go get a pint.

You're Not as Entertaining as You Think

Office parties are great because you get to see your coworkers in another light. However, just about everyone has to deal with "that guy" at every office party. The overweight, middle-aged guy that gets drunk and starts thinking he can break dance. This is a great photo because it reminds everyone that booze and work don't mix. In the end, you'll either end up hurting yourself or your reputation.

In a ridiculous hat, no less.

Keep it Locked Down

Computers are the name of the game these days. Everything is done with them and there are loads of private, important files loaded onto just about all of them. Cyber safety is a big issue with most companies and it's important to remain vigilant when it comes to keeping your computer secure. Sure: a lock and chain doesn't keep hackers out. What else are you going to show for computer safety? Anti-virus software status bars?

Texting + Saws = Bad Day

The guy in this picture is about to get a handful of good incentive to watch what he's doing while he's working. The smile on his face is what really sells this picture. It's almost like he's imagining what he'll look like while he learns how to text by using a stick between his teeth.

Don't Go Crazy

To be clear: you cannot make phonecalls with a sea shell. It's just not happening. However, this photo is more about not letting work make you nuts. Even at the beach, there can be a tendency to let your mind wander toward work. Keeping sane at work is one of the most important parts of staying safe at work. You need to allow yourself to just sit back and relax sometimes.

Watch that First Step

This is a great example of using creativity to play on something that you commonly see at just about any place of work. The man falling in the background is almost vaudvillian as he displays the importance of keeping an eye out for those wet floor signs.

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Funny Workplace Safety Pictures