High Visibility Winter Safety Gear

New York City traffic officer at work.

Individuals who work outside in the winter should wear high visibility winter safety gear. Sanitation workers, traffic officers and security guards are just a few of the outdoor occupations that depend upon high visibility clothing to save them from injury.

Buying High Visibility Winter Safety Gear

Winter Vests and Jackets

If you work outside in the winter months, warmth is just as important as having reflective gear on for safety reasons. Many jackets do a good job at keeping out the wind, but they may not provide the warmth workers need when they spend hours outdoors. Layering clothing helps, but it can also reduce mobility. Look for jackets that have adjustable waists on the inside of the jacket. This can help reduce cold airflow up and under the jacket.

There is a wide variety of winter jackets, vests and coveralls from which to choose, including reflective bomber jackets, parkas and fleece lined coats. The following suppliers sell winter jackets, fleece lined vests and other gear for outdoor workers:

  • Tuff Supplies is a seller of high visibility winter safety gear, from coats to vests; they have what you need at reasonable prices.
  • Hi Vis offers a wide selection of reflective jackets and other high visibility winter clothing
  • Full Source sells a wide variety of vests and safety jackets that can be embroidered with logos and names

Winter Underclothes

Working in a cold climate can really make you cold if you aren't wearing the proper undergarments. Thermal underwear and silk underwear are preferred undergarments for outdoor workers. Thermal underwear can keep you warm, but it can also be bulky. If you need more mobility in your job, consider buying silk undergarments. They are more expensive but they are thinner and will make it easier for you to move. You can find thermal and silk underwear at the following online stores:

Winter Shirts

Many people who work outside in the winter want shirts that are comfortable and stretchy so they move with you, not against you. Before you buy shirts, check for gusseting at the back and under the arms to ensure they offer plenty of room and allow workers to wear thermal or silk underwear under them. Places that sell comfortable winter work shirts include:

  • Tuff Supplies is a seller of winter safety gear, from coats to vests, they have what you need at reasonable prices.
  • Reflective Apparel has a wide selection of reflective safety shirts from henleys to polos and everything in between.

Head and Hand Gear

Since you lose most of your body's heat through the top of your head in the winter, wearing the right headgear is very important. Knit hats are the preferred method of keeping your head warm, and they can be purchased made of highly visible material or sewn on reflective tape. Reflective gloves are also a necessity in many jobs, and keeping your hands warm and dry is important. Check out the following online stores for these items:

  • Pro Buy- This seller offers lots of reflective gear including gloves, knit hats and rainwear.
  • Grainger- They sell high visibility winter gloves.
  • Envirosafety Products- nice selection of reflective gloves and lined gloves.
  • e4Hats- This company sells high visibility mesh hats


High visibility winter safety gear should be lightweight so other garments can be worn underneath them, be able to wick away moisture, dry quickly and be comfortable. If the garments don't live up to expectations, return them and try other manufacturer's clothing for a better fit. After all, being comfortable in your clothing is the best way to stay focused on the job at hand.

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High Visibility Winter Safety Gear