101 Best Home Based Businesses

Working from Home

The landscape for home based businesses has changed dramatically in the past decade, creating new and exciting opportunities. There may be more opportunities than you realize!

List of Best Home Based Businesses

More than 70 percent of home based businesses in 1990 were rooted in the service industry, according to the 1990 U.S. Census. By the time the 2010 U.S. Census was taken, that number had dropped to 13 percent. Modern home based businesses tend to be more sophisticated and technical than in years past, with the greatest growth in the areas of computers in engineering.

These ideas are divided into business categories and arranged in no particular order. Some involve actually working from home, while others are based from home but require public interaction.

Fresh Ideas

Forbes, Kiplinger, and others have identified several business roles that didn't even exist 10 years ago. Because these functions can be performed from home, they are ripe for independent contractors and small businesses. If you are skilled or can become skilled in these areas, you will find growing markets and high pay.

  1. Mobile app developer
  2. Data miner
  3. Social media manager
  4. Sustainability expert
  5. User experience strategist
  6. 3D printer
  7. Search engine optimization manager
  8. Online advertising consultant
  9. Internet publisher
  10. Video journalist
  11. Online physician
  12. Pay per click marketing specialist
  13. 3D animator
  14. Cyber security consultant

Popular Ideas

The census further reports that more than 30 percent of self-employed people who work from home fall into one of these categories: professional; scientist; manager; administrator, or waste management worker. Several business options in these areas, all with solid growth potential, include:

  1. Management analyst
  2. Public relations consultant
  3. Website host provider
  4. Software engineer
  5. Computer network installer
  6. Career counselor
  7. Website designer
  8. Employee recruiter
  9. Web content provider
  10. Marketing manager
  11. Virtual assistant
  12. Event planner
  13. Architect
  14. Web search evaluator
  15. Customer service representative
  16. Computer help desk agent
  17. Proofreader
  18. Translator
  19. Corporate English trainer
  20. Franchise owner
  21. Market researcher
  22. Graphic designer
  23. Grant writer
  24. Project manager
  25. Business plan writer
  26. Stock photographer
  27. Technical writer
  28. Medical transcriptionist

Health and Education

If you aren't the technical type, perhaps your skills and interest are more in line with health and education. Fitness, in particular, continues to be a growth industry, generating more than $45 billion in 2012. Data on self-employed educators is not available, but a few popular choices are included nonetheless.

  1. Tutor
  2. Online teacher
  3. Adjunct professor
  4. Curriculum developer
  5. Spiritual director
  6. Music teacher
  7. Online fitness coach
  8. Personal trainer
  9. Massage therapist
  10. Yoga teacher
  11. Zumba dance instructor
  12. Telephone nurse

Finance, Insurance, and Real Estate

People working in finance and insurance make up more than nine percent of home businesses, and the industry is expected to grow almost nine percent by 2020. Real estate is also a strong market, expecting to grow 14 percent by 2020. If you are a whiz with a calculator and enjoy dealing with money, one of these ideas may intrigue you.

  1. Loan Consultant
  2. Medical billing
  3. Tax advisor
  4. Financial Planner
  5. Realtor
  6. Day trader
  7. Home stager
  8. Home inspector
  9. Real estate appraiser
  10. Mortgage broker
  11. Bookkeeper


Self-employed people make up almost 10 percent of the retail labor market, which is expected to grow more than 12 percent by 2020. You don't need to own a physical store; in fact, the people who do own those may turn out to be your best customers.

  1. Online store owner
  2. Amazon supplier
  3. Vending machine owner
  4. Antiques dealer
  5. Make and sell jewelry
  6. Quilt maker
  7. Make and sell knitted items
  8. Make and sell wedding items
  9. Make and sell party favors
  10. Cabinetmaker
  11. Make and sell stained glass
  12. Greeting card designer

Arts, Entertainment, Food and Recreation

Who doesn't like art, entertainment, food and recreation? If you have a creative flair or love travel, one of these home based business ideas may be just the ticket. While you might do this kind of work out of sheer passion, you won't have to. The industry is expected to grow a healthy 17.8 percent by 2020.

  1. Personal chef
  2. Travel agent
  3. Limousine driver
  4. Actor
  5. Baker
  6. Caterer
  7. Wedding planner
  8. Musician
  9. Artist
  10. Videographer
  11. Bed and breakfast owner
  12. Illustrator

Sell a Service

Do you like to get your hands dirty and know you have accomplished something tangible at the end of the day? If so, a service business might be good fit. Another plus in this type of businesses is that you sometimes get paid on the spot. Childcare is expected to grow by almost 30 percent, and construction more than 33 percent by 2012. If these business ideas attract you, know that your services will certainly be in demand.

  1. Childcare provider
  2. Dog walker
  3. Pet groomer
  4. Handyman
  5. Carpet cleaner
  6. Gardening and lawn care
  7. Home and office cleaner
  8. House painter
  9. Window washer
  10. Home organizer
  11. Remodeling contractor
  12. Appliance refurbisher
  13. Adult Daycare

Is a Home Business Right for You?

The lure of working independently calls many, but it's only a great solution for some. These are real businesses that require substantial commitments, and not everyone functions as well outside of a traditional structure.

Explore the home business options that most appeal to you and aggressively pursue your new career for the best chances at success.

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