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Working at home may sound like "the dream" for many people, but the reality is not as easy. Especially for people suddenly thrust into the concept of remote work due to the COVID-19 pandemic, it can be difficult to transition from the office to home.

The Best Online Tools for Remote Workers

Luckily remote work has been around for some time and there are many excellent tools that have been developed to accommodate remote teams. Many of these are online tools that are available for free or with a paid subscription. There are tools designed for teams who are spread out all over the world, as well as for entrepreneurs who run online businesses from home effectively.

Dealing With Distractions at Home

One of the hardest parts of working from home is handling all the distractions you wouldn't normally deal with at the workplace. It sounds wonderful to think of being with your children and pets all day until you find out how hard it is to keep them occupied so you can concentrate. There are many activities you can engage your kids and pets in that will give them something to do while you get your important business work completed. Even working by yourself can be distracting and using online tools and timers can help you stay on task.

Staying Productive When Working Remotely

A best practice for staying productive is to set up a dedicated space for your desk that's designed for just your business. It's also important to make sure you get up often and practice some type of physical exercise. This can do wonders for your ability to concentrate and keep your stress level down.

Maintaining Contact With Your Team

Effective business communication skills are critical to successful remote work. Engaging with others via virtual meetings, chat platforms, conference calls, or individual telephone calls can be good ways to have social interaction with your team or clients. This can also help keep you from feeling isolated in your home office. If your workload is slower than usual due to the pandemic, consider allocating some time to show your appreciation to colleagues by writing and sending thank you notes or emails.

Work From Home Jobs

While some jobs lend themselves naturally to home-based work, telecommuting is not possible with all jobs. As you look toward the future, you may want to explore legitimate remote work opportunities or even consider starting a home-based business. With so many unanswered questions about public health, the economy, and the future of work, it's only natural to start considering options for the next stage of your career.

Become an Effective Remote Worker

Whether you're an old hand at working at home, or it's brand new to you due to the COVID-19 quarantines, there's always great tips and tricks you can learn about working better at home. Dealing with distractions, staying on task, and keeping yourself upbeat and social are all problems that remote workers deal with and can be successfully overcome.

Remote Work Resources and Tips