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Whether you are seeking a post-graduation nursing position or are looking for a job you can do while attending nursing school, it's critical to have a quality resume. As a nursing student, your resume should highlight your current career objective, program of study, clinical experience and previous employment history.

Sample Resume for a Nursing Student

You don't have to start from a blank page to begin putting together a winning resume for your new career. Click the image sample resume image to download a customizable sample resume that you can edit, save and print. Simply fill in the information that is relevant to your situation, using the tips below for guidance. Click anywhere in the document to begin editing and use the commands on the menu bar to save and print. If you need help downloading the printable resume, check out these helpful tips.

Nursing student resume
Download a sample nursing student resume.

Objective Statement

Open your resume with an objective that specifies the reason you are submitting a resume. It should clearly state the type of job for which you wish to be considered. A few examples to consider include:

  • "Seeking a hands-on patient care role in a growing medical practice."
  • "Seeking entry-level patient care technician position in a hospital setting."
  • "Future nurse seeking part-time employment in a clinical environment."
  • "Seeking a nursing externship with [insert hospital name]."

Program of Nursing Study

Include details about your nursing program, including where you are going to school, the title of the program in which you are enrolled, the level of degree or other credential you are earning and when you expect to graduate. If your grade point average is strong, also include it.

Clinical Experience

Include details about the clinical experience you have gained as part of your nursing education. Include details such as the term you completed practical training, the name of the hospital or clinic, and the specific ward where you worked.

Coursework Completed

If you do not have a significant amount of healthcare-related work experience, you may also want to include titles of the nursing-related courses you have completed as part of your program of study.

Certifications and Awards

List any honors or scholarships received on your resume, along with the details of why they were awarded. Also mention any relevant certifications or other credentials you have, such as a CPR or phlebotomy certification. This information can help position you as a more attractive candidate for some positions.

Employment History

As with any resume, it is a good idea to include a previous work experience section. This is true even if your previous experience was not in the healthcare profession. Since you are a student, employers will realize that you are in the process of starting a new career, and so they won't be surprised if your previous jobs are in other fields. If you do have previous field-related work experience, draw attention to this fact by mentioning it in the cover letter that accompanies the resume.

Review Your Resume Carefully

Once you have a draft of your resume, be sure to proofread it carefully. Make sure that it is error-free and accurately reflects your background and skills. If possible, ask a few other people to review it - ideally individuals who are knowledgeable about seeking employment as a nurse or in positions that are appropriate for nursing students.

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Nursing Student Resume