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When you are applying to work as food server, it's essential to customize your resume objective - and the overall resume itself - for this type of job. It is the first thing the hiring manager reads. He or she will need to clearly see that you aren't just randomly looking for any kind of job you can get. Instead, your objective needs to make it clear that you are seeking specifically to work as a server in a particular type of work environment.

Focused Objectives for Food Server Resumes

Use industry and employer-specific keywords in your resume objective that will attract the attention of hiring managers. The more specific your objective statement, the better.

Good Objectives (industry-specific) Better Objectives (employer-specific)
  • To obtain a position as a server in a casual dining restaurant.
  • To obtain a position as a server in Applebee's.
  • Seeking employment as a waitress in a fine dining establishment.
  • Seeking employment as a waitress with Ruth's Chris.
  • To work as a food server in a diner or café.
  • To work as a food server in a Nifty Fifties Diner.
  • To work as a waitress in a buffet restaurant environment.
  • To work as a waitress with Golden Corral.
  • Seeking employment as a waitress with a banquet serving or special event organization.
Seeking employment as a banquet and/or special event server with Hometown Convention Services.

Printable Sample Waitress Resume Template

Deciding on the objective statement is just the first step in creating or updating your resume so that it's specific to a food server position.

  • Use this waitress resume template or one of these free blank resume forms to create a complete resume that you can use to apply for jobs.
  • Review this sample waitress job description to get an idea of likely job duties and responsibilities. This can help you decide what information about and background to highlight on your resume.
  • Once you edit the document, be sure to save it to your computer so you can easily customize it for each job, as well as update it for the future.

Customize Your Resume for Restaurant Jobs

Creating an effective objective statement is only the first step in writing a winning resume, but it is an important one. Your objective must have the power to grab attention immediately. Even though it is typically only a single line, your objective can be the key to being found and taken seriously by restaurant managers and others involved in deciding who to consider for server jobs. If you need assistance creating the content for your resume, consider working with a professional resume writing service. Remember that a prospective employer may receive hundreds of resumes. The difference between your resume being on the short list or getting overlooked is an attention-grabbing, job-specific objective.

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Objective for a Waitress Resume