Office Manager Resume Sample

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Tailor a resume to the position you are applying for and highlight your skills and experience, as this office manager resume sample demonstrates.

Writing a Resume

There are several important factors to consider when writing a resume. First, it should be well organized and easy to read. An employer should be able to glance at your resume and quickly discern your skills and capabilities. If you are posting it online, you may want to ensure that you choose industry keywords because many employers use software to scan online resume databases to identify specific words. The language and organization used can be very important in determining whether you are invited for an interview, and ultimately whether you are offered a job.


When you are writing a resume, you need to decide what type you want to use. Chronological resumes are standard, and list your work experience in order from your newest job to your oldest job. Many office manager resumes, including the sample below, are in chronological format because experience is important.

You could also select a functional or skills based resume. This format lists each of your skills individually under a separate bullet point. This is the best format for people who do not have a long employment history but who have a lot of experience or different skills that they can bring to the table.


You want to provide specific details that demonstrate your skills. If you managed an office and successfully cut expenditures for the office, list the specifics such as the percentage you saved or your levels of efficiency.Use industry jargon if you are applying for an office manager job in a specific industry. You can browse sample resumes online, including the office manager resume sample below, or websites from big names in your industry to try to find keywords and language to use.

Finally, make sure your resume is professional and formal. Do not use slang words or misspellings. This is your one chance to make a first impression with employers and it should be a professional document.

Office Manager Resume Sample

office manager sample resume
Download the office manager sample resume.

Evaluating the Resume

The above office manager resume sample is organized in chronological format. The applicant put her education first because she felt her degree was relevant. You could put your professional experience first if you feel that your professional experience is more important then your degree. This depends on the nature of your educational background and whether your education is related to office management.

The applicant also mentioned specific honors she received, in both her educational career and her professional career. Specific details were included, such as "Came in $1,000 under budget in 2003 and 2004." The applicant also split up the two jobs that she held at the same company (Company 2) onto two separate lines in order to highlight the promotion she received. All of the jobs she listed were relevant to the position she is applying for, and provide the person doing the hiring with information about why they should hire her.

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Office Manager Resume Sample