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A good preschool teacher resume is essential to getting your dream job as a preschool teacher. The key to writing a good preschool teacher resume is emphasizing the skills necessary to succeed in teaching young children. These skills include a degree in early childhood education or experience working with children, as well as job experience emphasizing your ability to communicate efficiently with both parents and students.

Writing a Resume

All resumes have some common characteristics. First, you want to demonstrate that you a professional within your field. You want the qualifications essential to the job to be clearly listed and highlighted so your potential employer can quickly determine that you are the ideal candidate. You also want to come across as detail oriented and intelligent, which means the resume must be free of errors and formatted properly.


There are a number of different resume formats that you can use, depending on where your strengths lie. Many people use a chronological resume and these are often considered to the standard. However, chronological resumes may not be the best choice if you do not have a great deal of relevant experience for the job you are applying to. Chronological resumes list your previous jobs, with the name of the employer and the date of employment. Below the employer's name, you list the duties you performed on the job and the skills you exhibited while doing so. Thus, if you don't have a lot of jobs, a chronological resume would be too short and would not truly paint you in the best light for the job.

If a chronological resume isn't the right choice for you, a functional or skills based resume might be a better option. In a skills based resume, you list the skills that are relevant to the position. For a preschool teacher, these skills include an understanding of effectively communicating with young children. Other skills include experience supervising children, designing lesson plans, and communicating with kids and adults alike.

On a skill-based resume, each of these skills is listed under their own heading. Below the skill, you provide details about where and how you have acquired and demonstrated the qualification. Thus, if you list "Experience writing lesson plans tailored to children under 5" as your skill, underneath you would discuss any jobs or classroom courses where you have developed that skill. A skill based resume can flesh out one or two jobs by listing each of the skills you have learned at that job separately. If you don't have a long employment history, this may be your best bet for your preschool teacher resume.


Since you are applying for a teaching job, you need to demonstrate that you are educated. Your language skills must be strong. You should ensure that your grammar and spelling are impeccable. You are going to be helping young children learn to read and write for the first time, so you need to be able to communicate clearly, and this should be demonstrated in your resume.

Use simple, clear language that makes it easy for your potential employer to garner relevant facts. Industry specific language- such as details about learning styles or early childhood development stages- can also help make you look as though you are the right person for the job.

Preschool Teacher Resume Sample

You can customize this sample resume with your own information. Just click on the image to open the file, and download a copy to your computer. Downloading is necessary in order to keep the formatting intact. For help with Adobe printables please visit this helpful guide.

preschool teacher resume sample
Download the preschool teacher resume sample

Evaluating the Resume

The above resume is a chronological resume, which includes three relevant positions as well as details about pertinent volunteer work. Because the goal of the resume is to get a job teaching in a preschool, any experience with childcare is key. It is also essential to illustrate the experience you have in teaching children, as nursery schools do more than simply provide care- they aim to enrich the lives and minds of the children enrolled.

The resume is well organized and provides detailed information about positions held. The descriptions of each job emphasize skills that can translate into a preschool job.

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Preschool Teacher Resume Guide