Resume Objectives for an Assistant Principal

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If you are applying for a position as an assistant principal, be sure the objective statement on your resume is specific to this kind of job. Stress that you are looking for employment that will allow you to use your organizational and leadership abilities in a school setting. Focus on tasks related to managing a school rather than providing instruction.

Objective Examples

While the objective statement on your resume should relate specifically to your immediate career goals and the particular job you are applying for, looking at a few sample statements is a good starting point.

  • Seeking a challenging position as a high school assistant principal that requires effective communication and leadership skills.
  • To obtain a position as an assistant principal with a large elementary school where duties include providing support to other administrators, educators and students.
  • Seeking a position suitable for an experienced assistant principal with a track record of being firm and fair when dealing with students and staff in a leadership role.
  • To join the staff of a high-performing elementary school in the role of assistant principal.
  • To become a member of the leadership team of a progressive school where emphasis is placed on student success and faculty support.
  • To apply strong organizational, critical thinking and creative problem solving skills as an assistant principal in an achievement-oriented middle school.

Adjust Your Objective for Different Schools

Instead of choosing a single objective statement, select several options based on the specific positions for which you are applying. Your objective statement should go beyond indicating that you want to work as an assistant principal. Instead, a good objective statement should clearly convey that you want to be an assistant principal at the specific school where you are applying.

The text of your objective should convey that you have some idea of what the school's culture is like and convey your interests in working in that particular environment.

Writing Your Resume Objective Statement

Just as no two job applicants are the same, no two resume objective statements should be identical either. Focus on the skills that you would be bringing to the table in this role.

To write your own resume objective statement, think about where you strengths lie when it comes to your work.

  • Do you have a talent for counseling students about personal issues, their attendance problems, etc.?
  • Do you find it easy to step into the role of a leader at school?
  • What parts of the job do you like the most?

Your resume objective statement should tell the person reviewing your resume something about why you are a particularly good fit for this opportunity.

If you have several years of experience in this kind of role, then you should point that out. A person who is looking to advance into an assistant principal position can slant their resume objective statement to mention their communication skills and ability to stay calm under pressure.

Capture the Hiring Manager's Interest

Your resume objective statement has done its job if it encourages the hiring manager to read your resume in its entirety. When writing resume objectives for an assistant principal position, you want to consider the unique demands of the job.

The assistant principal is someone who must be able to react calmly in stressful situations and who can communicate effectively with students, staff members, and parents. These are all elements that you can include in your resume objective statement.

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