Using Resume Services

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If you are seeking employment, using a reputable resume writer may be a wise choice. They specialize in assembling the perfect written compilation of your skills and qualifications, whether you are new to the working world or are a seasoned professional searching for a new job or career change.

Important Considerations

Prior to starting the search for a resume writing service, there are a few general factors to consider.

Sample Resumes

The agencies should have an easily accessible portfolio of samples so you can gauge their level of expertise and composition skills.

Free Consultation

Since you will be working closely with a representative of the agency to create your resume, confirm that free consultations are offered. The initial interview will enable you to grasp an increased level of understanding about the company, what to expect and whether or not they have any industry recognition or accolades.

In addition, it will provide an opportunity for you to determine whether or not you will be comfortable collaborating with the organization during the data-collection and revision process.

Reference Checks

The resume service should also be willing to provide you with testimonials and reviews from past clients.

What You Will Need to Get Started

You will have to submit some information in order to best prepare the service to compose your resume. These include:

  • A copy of your current resume
  • Detailed record of work experience
  • Career goals
  • Desired employers and positions
  • List of professional references
  • Any other professional associations, memberships and relevant data

All of this data will assist the writer with grasping a better understanding of who you are as an employee and what benefits you can offer to potential employers.

The way in which this information is collected will vary by agency. Common methods are via telephone interview, written questionnaire or a combination of both.

Popular Online Services

There are a few reputable online resume writing services that stand out from the crowd. Services offered range from resume edits to rewrites.

Career Perfect

Career Perfect offers an excellent lineup of professional writers who are subject-matter experts in particular fields of expertise. With over 30 years of experience, they are well-connected and boast impressive affiliations with reputable companies, such as Monster.

While many past clients felt that their work was flawless, some were dissatisfied with the stringent refund policy, limitations on rewrites and customer services, as noted by reviews from Complaints Board.

Resume writing services, offered by career-level, have a one to three business day turnaround. Basic resume and cover letter packages start at $229.95.

Resume Writers

Resume Writers consists of a team of nationally certified resume writers, all hailing from diverse backgrounds. The company guarantees that you will receive a request to interview within 60 days or they will completely rewrite your resume free of charge.

Resume and cover letter packages start at $269.95, and increase in price based on work experience.

About Jobs

About Jobs is an online resume writing service with over ten years in the industry. They have a 30-day interview guarantee, or the resume is completely rewritten with no cost to you. According to a recent review by Big List of Resume Writers, their services are very standard, but a majority of their customers seem to be satisfied.

Basic resume and cover letter packages, offered in tiers depending on experience, start at $219.

Great Resumes Fast

Great Resumes Fast is new to the online resume writing scene, but the efforts of their small team of writers is promoting the company in the industry ranks. They offer a 60-day interview guarantee, and will completely rewrite any resume that does not achieve the desired result within this time frame. Clients can also skip the lengthy questionnaire since information is collected via an hour long telephone interview conducted by your assigned writer.

A standard resume and cover letter starts at $239, and the price increases depending on the level of experience you have in the workforce.

How to Locate a Reputable Service

Before selecting a resume service, begin by asking about their years of service, certifications and areas of expertise.

Also, search for organizations that are affiliated with professional resume writing organizations. If you are comfortable with their background, inquire about how the process works, any important terms of service, guarantees and additional offerings beyond standard writing including social network profile enhancements and career coaching.

Local resume writing services may be available in your area. This is ideal for someone who wants to keep business local or who might want to deal with a resume writer face-to-face. If this is what you prefer, ask colleagues and friends for recommendations or conduct a local search online or in the phone book for a resume writer.

Is it Right for You?

It never hurts to have assistance while conducting a job search. For those who are not landing interviews, these services provide the second set of eyes needed to identify and rectify weaknesses that may exist in your current resume.

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Using Resume Services