Robot Safety Pictures

Robots Perform Many Functions

Robots are used for a number of important functions. They are sent into situations that are hazardous to humans and are used for medical and educational purposes. Robots are also used to perform repetitive tasks in industrial settings. These robot safety pictures will give you an idea of the many functions these specialized machines can perform.

Robot Welders

Rather than expose human workers to noise and the risk of exposure to toxic fumes and extreme heat, robot welders offer a much safer alternative.

Nuclear Power Plant

Robots have been used to enter nuclear power plants after an accident has occurred, saving humans from being exposed to toxic radiation. Once their investigation has been completed, robots can also be used for the clean-up of the facility.

Asbestos Clean Up

When asbestos is detected in a building, it must be removed. Robots have been successfully dispatched to clear asbestos fibers from pipes, keeping human workers from being exposed to this toxic substance.

Robots in Surgery

When precise movements and a steady hand are needed, surgeons look to robotic arms for help. Delicate procedures may be performed successfully at less risk to the patient.

Medical Training

Humanoid robots are being used by medical schools students to learn how to deal with various situations. For example, "pregnant" robots are used to help future doctors learn how to deal with complications in labor and delivery without risking the lives of real patients.

Assembly Line Work

Robotic arms used on assembly lines mean work can be performed without concerns about workplace injuries due to fatigue, boredom or distraction.

The safety pictures demonstrate the important functions these machines perform in industry and schools to keep humans safe. For more information about safety in the workplace, check out these LoveToKnow articles:

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Robot Safety Pictures