Stupid Safety Pictures

Stupid or Safe?

Safety is one thing you never want to be stupid about, and checking out stupid safety pictures is a great way to see just what you shouldn't be doing. Some signs may seem like common sense, but they're there for a reason!

Gun safety, for example, is critical for hunters and anyone who uses guns. Before you investigate a blocked gun barrel, always be sure the gun is unloaded and safety features are engaged. If you suspect a blockage, never look down the gun's barrel!

Ladder Safety

If you're using a ladder to access a roof or other high location, always face the rungs when climbing up or down. Furthermore, if you're carrying something, always be smart and don't try to carry more than you can hold.

Thin Ice

Thin ice can be dangerous - don't be stupid and try to put a lot of weight on it. When driving near a lake, pond, or river, if you're uncertain about the roadway because of drifts or blowing snow, always drive slowly and pay attention so you don't veer off the road and into dangerous waters.

Shoe Safety

Always watch where you walk and wear appropriate shoes so you don't slip and fall. Nothing looks stupider than sprawling on the sidewalk because your shoes aren't suitable!

Read Directions

All types of equipment will have safety warnings and appropriate use labels. Always read these instructions so you won't do something harmful or use the equipment in a potentially stupid and unsafe way. By being aware of how to use equipment properly, you can stay safe.

Use Common Sense

Be sure you're always using common sense when safety is concerned. For example, it's obviously unsafe to have spilled fuel near an open flame!

Use Safety Equipment

It's just stupid to have good safety equipment that you don't use. If you have a pool safety fence, be sure the gate is closed or it won't be effective. The same goes for locks, baby proofing equipment, and other child safety gear. It's just stupid if you don't use it!

Driving Safety

It's no surprise that alcohol and medication can affect your vision, reflexes, and other senses. Don't be stupid - never drive if you're under the influence of these substances. Instead, designate a different driver, call a cab, or just stay home.

Be Sharp with Safety!

It doesn't take a sharp mind to know you should work safely with sharp objects such as saws, axes, knives, and other blades. Always wear protective goggles when using large saws, and keep your fingers and other body parts well away from blades.

Fire Safety

Don't be dumb about fire safety. Always keep charged batteries in your smoke detectors. Check the batteries at least once a year to be sure they're fresh and useful, and make a fire safety plan for your entire home.

Read the Signs

Whether you're driving or walking, always read road signs and follow traffic laws to stay safe. Even if the situation appears safe, don't violate traffic laws just to save time or to be more convenient - when an accident happens, you'll feel really stupid!

Use Your Brain

The most important thing you can do to avoid being stupid about safety is to just use your brain. Your common sense can keep you safe in many circumstances, and when in doubt, there will be instructions and warnings to help you out. Stay safe!

Looking for more safety tips? Electricity safety tips can keep you from being shocked at your own stupidity!

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Stupid Safety Pictures