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Article Highlight: Customer Analysis in Marketing Plans

Analyzing your customer base is an essential part of succeeding in business. Customer analysis is a key part of any successful marketing plan, as well as for your overall business plan. There are three elements… Keep reading »

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Marketing is a 24/7 task. As business owners, we're either working on it during the day or lying awake at night, reflecting on what we could do better in our "spare" time, if we had any.

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Sometimes all it takes is one good brainstorming session to open a new door of opportunity. That's where this site can help. Our contributors and editors have a great deal of sales and marketing experience, and many are business owners like you. Like minds coming together in this way to exchange tips and resources stimulate idea generation. Not every marketing tactic is the best one for each business, but it just might spawn the right idea for your business.

From easy and inexpensive (or free!) business cards, to developing an effective advertising plan with strategies like viral marketing, to understanding specific marketing strategies and targeting your sales efforts, this site will give you tools you can use to develop your brand and maybe help you sleep better at night.

The site also features interviews with other business-building experts that will expand the networking of ideas and solutions and offers resources such as Top Market Research Companies.

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