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Free resume writer software can be found online, but you do need to be careful when using these products.

Free Resume Writer Software: Be Cautious

There are some basic cautions when using free software.

  • Many of these programs contain spyware and you need to careful when you are choosing them. Running a good virus scanning program before using them is recommended.
  • Often, the quality of free resume writer software isn't very high. This is a situation where you often get what you pay for. If you want to get a good software program, you may be better off spending the money to buy one. You also have the option of finding a software program that lets you check out a free trial version before you buy it.
  • Review the specifications for the software package you are considering. You will want to make sure that it is compatible with your computer operating system. Many of the options available are for Windows users only; people working on a Mac may find it more challenging to find a program that will work with their system.
  • Make sure that you have enough room on your computer hard drive before you download a software program for resume writing. This information should be provided in the software specifications.

Examples of No-Charge Resume Writing Software

Here are some examples of free resume writer software available to job seekers:

The resume writing software package offered by this web site features wizards to help the user create his or her resume. The job seeker is asked a series of questions to gather the information necessary to produce the resume. Along with resume-creation capabilities, this program also allows the user to make their own personalized letterhead and business cards. The program can be used to create flyers, envelopes, and labels.'s Resume Builder program offers resume writers 15 styles to choose from. Users have the option of changing the order of appearance for different sections of the resume. Sample resumes are available, and the software allows the individual to change the font and type size as desired.

This program will appeal to international job seekers, since it can be used in English, Dutch, French, German, Italian, Portuguese and Spanish. One the resume has been completed, it can be exported to HTML or uploaded directly to your web site.

Octopus City Resume Writer program is freeware with the flexibility to allow resume writers to add graphics, video, or other "extras" to their resume. Once the resume has been prepared, the user is given a unique link to their online profile that they can forward to potential employers. The resume can also be exported to a rich text format for printing.

Resume Writer Software With Free Trial

EasyJob Resume Maker While not everyone would say that looking for a job is easy, the makers of EasyJob Resume Maker claim that using their product can make it easier to get interviews. This package uses different resume and cover letter rules, depending on the industry the job seeker is trying to target. The entire software program in this case isn't free, but you can download a free trial to get an idea of whether this package has the features you are looking for. The advantage of a free trial is that you get a chance to "try it before you buy it." Once you have downloaded the trial version, take the time to go through all of the features available to you in detail so that you can make a better decision about whether it is worth it you to buy the full software program.

When you are looking for a job or looking for your next career opportunity, free resume writer software can have a place in your job search efforts. You probably aren't going to get the same level of quality as with a program that you pay for, but the free versions can give you some help in preparing this important document.

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Free Resume Builder Software